Damp Proofing

Foster Estates are applicators of Safeguard Damp and Weatherproofing treatment products and offer treatments for rising damp, penetrative damp and weather damage products.

Safeguard Europe Limited are a manufacturer and supplier of specialist damp-proofing and waterproofing products. For 30 years their focus has been on providing high quality, reliable products and technical expertise to specialists, such as Foster Estates, and the construction industry.

Our damp proofing installers have attended Safeguard comprehensive training course and are qualified to install Safeguards products and offer up to 10 year warranties on their work.

The Safeuard DRYZONE system is the complete rising damp and renovation solution for residential properties. Incorporating their DRYROD and DRYZONE damp proof course, DRYZONE renovation plasters, DRYZONE express replastering products and DRYZONE mould resistant paint our damp proofing solution incorporates industry leading products to offer long term solutions to rising damp in residential properties.


When masonry gets wet it gets cold and cold walls mean cold buildings as heat escapes much more readily. Utilising STORMDRY masonry protection cream you can protect your home from penetrating damp and increase the termal efficiency of the masonry reducing the risk of damp and mould within the property. STROMDRY system stops rain penetration, saves energy and improves flood resistance in treated properties.


Safeguards DRYROD damp proofing system is a no fuss, no mess, no stress rising damp treatment. Whenever rising damp or salt damage to internal walls is diagnosed it is important to have the condition correctly treated as failure to do so can cause further damage and devaluation for your property.

It is not sufficient to simply cover up the problem with a special paint or coating in the hope that the problem will go away. Only by preventing the dampness rising up the internal masonry can be an effective treatment be achieved. Our specialist installers will drill around the base of your effected walls and insert the DRYROD rods. A fully saturated wall will dry out within 6-12 months following treatment. We would recommend internal plaster replacement using the Safeguard DRYZONE products alongside DRYROD installation.



Foster Estates can also arrange for the installation of a Dry Home Envirovent System to your property.  Details of this system can be found HERE