Boarding Up


It’s 2AM and the tenants are on the phone, they have just had a brick thrown through their front window by some drunken louts.  The Police are in attendance and they are going to arrange to have the window boarded up for you.  If this has ever happened you just know there is a £300 bill coming from the Police “authorised” contractor.  Their rates are shocking.

Foster Estates offer a low cost but highly reliable emergency boarding up service for our clients. With Out Of Hour Emergency boarding up costing as little as £95 plus VAT you can clearly see that we are far cheaper than the alternatives.


There is nothing worse than a tenant leaving before you can find a new tenant, the property stands empty and boom, there goes the telephone at 3AM, again it’s the Police telling you the property has been broken into, your central heating system has been stolen and water is pouring through ceilings.  The water company are on their way and so is the duty window company to board up.  The sheer expense of this is frightening.

Foster Estates can arrange for full timber boarding up of your empty property, if you make it harder for vandals they will move on to the next easier target.  Check your small print in your insurance as some companies insist on boarding up for void properties to ensure you are still covered.


Our strong and hard wearing steel screens deliver a variety of benefits, acting as a visible and highly effective deterrent to thieves, intruders and squatters. They are installed using a unique system that allows them to be fitted quickly but does not damage the property. They are fitted within the opening so sit flush with the property, leaving no openings or gaps for objects to be pushed through or for the screen to be forced off.  Our steel screens are perforated so as to allow light and ventilation into the property, this means contactors can work inside the property as they have sufficient light, and damp and mould won’t develop as there is air flow.

If your property is in a high risk area we would recommend steel screens.